Eurocross Turkey’s specialized third party medical administration services fill the time, distance, knowhow, manpower and coordination gap between healthcare payers, medical facilities and patients and increase efficiency, cost savings and patient satisfaction in a measurable manner.

Through a streamlined case management and document processing cycle, third party administration handles raw, bulk and intensive medical case management on behalf of or in support of the medical facility or the healthcare buyer, resulting in value adding convenience and efficiency for the stakeholders.

Specialized administration means that Eurocross Turkey is not only capable of executing tasks such as intensive document processing and case management but also can act as a medical authority able to advise on and execute medical actions thanks to a deep accumulated expertise in Turkish and global healthcare environments gained over 14 years.

Eurocross Turkey’s 24/7 Alarm center has a solid track record of handling over 75.000 cases per year. The skill, knowhow and manpower capabilities of the Alarm center are second to none and fully sufficient to handle the case management volume and challenges of even the most demanding insurers, healthcare institutions and governments.

The center currently assists many national and international clients in various sectors such as Travel insurance, health insurance, medical tourism, hospital administration, call center industry and in many other business-to-business and business-to-government level operations.

Tailor-made programs are produced for clients with one or more of the below services we offer under our Specialized Medical Third Party Administration product:

  • Administrative Processing
  • Billing Cycle Management
  • Document and Case Management
  • Treatment Referrals and Admission
  • Medical Tourism operations management, creation of treatment plans, monitoring and management of treatments, post-treatment support, supportive travel arrangements
  • Medical Cost Containment
  • Network Discount Schemes
  • Local and International Network Management